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Tuscan Wrought Iron XL Functioning Hinge Strap


This Tuscan iron hinge strap is a simple and versatile design displaying a soft radius at the end which adds an elegance to this plain strap that will accent any design style. A hammered all over or distressed hammered texture conveys a rustic style suited for the Mountain/Cabin, Southwest, Spanish, Country or Native American styles. Although with hammered edges this design leans towards a more Tuscan, Tudor, French Country or Mediterranean styles. This design appears cottage, modern, transitional, contemporary, Green and Green, Craftsman and Art Deco when smooth in texture. Ping hammering transitions this strap more toward an Eastern look blending well with Turkish, Indian and Asian styles. The iron hinge strap in picture above is shown all hammered with a flat black paint. Please view our decorative nails to keep this hinge straps appearance authentic.

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