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Switch Plate & Outlet Covers

Enhance the aesthetic appeal and safety of your home with our exclusive collection of Hand Hammered Copper, Iron, and Bronze Switch Plates and Outlet Covers. Each piece in our finely crafted selection is an ode to meticulous workmanship and functional artistry, transforming the mundane into extraordinary. Featuring pure copper and bronze, these outlet covers and switch plates are not just functional necessities; they are statement pieces that embody sophistication and a rugged elegance.
Our hand-hammered finish introduces a rustic yet intentional charm that infuses your living spaces with a warm, artisanal vibe. The distinctive patterning ensures no two switch plates are identical, allowing for a truly personalized touch to your decor. Whether your style leans toward the rustic country, mid-century modern, or old world Tuscan, these switch plates enhance every interior with their unique allure.
The Aged Bronze Hammered Switch Plate Cover, our best seller, brings rich texture and timeless appeal to your walls. It's a piece that harnesses the classic beauty of aged bronze, complemented by the artful hammer marks, making each cover an individual work of art. The natural patina that develops over time adds to the character of the piece, ensuring that its beauty only grows with age.
In a market where plain black or white plates are the norm, our Hand Hammered Copper, Iron, and Bronze Switch Plates and Outlet Covers boldly differentiate themselves. They are perfect for those who appreciate the beauty in details and wish to incorporate elements of fine craftsmanship into their everyday life.
Upgrade your space with the elegance and durability of our iron, copper, and bronze switch plates—a simple yet impactful change that promises an instant style elevation and long-lasting satisfaction.

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