Clavos / Decorative Nail Heads

What are clavos? Clavo is a Spanish word meaning nail. They are typically a large, decorative nail head used for embellishment on various furnishing, doors, beams, mantels, etc. Also referred to as door studs, rustic nail heads, decorative nails, upholstery nails or tacks and faux bolt heads, these fasteners have many decorative uses. Clavos or decorative nail heads are frequently used as adornments to doors, cabinets, furniture, and gates. These nail heads can also be applied to wood beams as faux bolt heads to create the look of large, old fashion bolt heads. Alternatively, our clavos can be welded onto iron plates, straps and other hardware to achieve a riveted look while still being able to install with weight bearing fasteners. Our clavos have a thick, sturdy nail allowing them to be used in nearly any wood application. This nail style makes them slightly different than furniture tacks or upholstery tacks, which have a very thin, lightweight nail. When used in place of furniture or upholstery tacks, clavos give a more dramatic element to the furniture piece. When used as door studs, they offer an iron-clad look to entry ways. Clavos can be installed on new or antique furnishings to achieve a one of a kind, authentic looking piece. We also have select sizes and styles with thick, pyramidal old world style spike nails as well as traditional style nail spikes. The clavos in Old West Iron’s hardware line are made of hand-forged iron, cast iron, solid bronze, or solid copper. Our designer approved, high-quality clavos are the perfect addition to any project. We offer many hand-painted patina finishes that are rust preventative to fit any taste or design style. Our colors include but are not limited to black, oil rubbed bronze, wrought iron patina, rusty metal, aged pewter, gunmetal, and raw unfinished metal.