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Carriage Bolts / Coach Bolts

Are you looking to add a touch of vintage charm to your home or DIY project? Look no further than our collection of carriage bolts. At Old West Iron, we offer the most extensive range of Carriage Bolts in hammered textures and durable hand painted finishes.

Our black carriage bolts are inspired by the old world wrought iron bolts of the past, giving any project a rustic and antique feel. You'll love the texture and character of our hammered carriage bolts, modeled after a black iron bolt on an 1800s carriage in Cody, WY. And if you're looking for a clean and modern look, our smooth head carriage bolts offer a sleek button rivet appearance.

Our antique carriage bolts have a flat head and were reproduced after an old mission gate with pitted clavos, creating the perfect vintage feelAnd with the trend of reclaimed lumber, our decorated carriage bolts have become increasingly popular in both new and old construction projects.

These rustic fasteners are an easy and affordable way to add a touch of character and charm to any DIY or home improvement project. So why settle for boring standard bolts when you can add the unique flair of our black, vintage, and hammered carriage bolts to your design? Our best selling item in the Carriage Bolts category is the hammered 1/2" diameter carriage bolt.

Using these old world wrought iron carriage bolts you can now achieve the look of the antique fasteners. Trust us, these carriage bolts are going to be your new favorite addition to any building project. These carriage bolts are an asset to all building new and old giving the look of a wrought iron bolt. The shipping options for Carriage Bolts include free home delivery via Fed Ex, UPS and USPS for all types of Carriage Bolts on orders $40+. International orders are shipped via Fed Ex and USPS, please add the items to the cart and continue to checkout to view current rates. 

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