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Tuscan Iron Joist Hanger


Add charm and elegance to the outdoor or indoor of your home with Tuscan iron joist hangers from our selection. Our hand-hammered brackets are available in tabbed or concealed designs and come in a range of finishes that will fit perfectly with any home décor scheme. Whether you’re taking on a structural project, like installing beams, arches, trusses or decorative moulding, or embarking upon a simple renovation for an old fashioned look and feel, Tuscan iron joist hangers are the perfect solution.

These USA made joist hangers boast robust construction and durability that lasts for generations. Installation is a breeze; simply anchor into place using 1/2 inch diameter or larger fasteners (sold separately). For unique visual appeal, upgrade with ornamental clavos – special fasteners topped with large rivets – to add eye-catching accents with no compromise on strength. So don’t settle for ordinary; invest in top quality Tuscan iron joist hangers and elevate your home today!

Shown as concealed type hanger, smooth texture, black finish. 2nd image with the wood is show as tabbed hanger. 

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