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Spanish Cathedral Joist Hanger


Our Spanish Cathedral iron joist hanger is the perfect way to enhance your home's look and value. This decorative hanger bracket supports the connection of two perpendicular beams, and adds a luxurious element of style. We offer two styles—tabbed or concealed, with both of them available in all our hammered textures and all our finishes. Plus, for structural applications with heavy loads, we recommend through bolting the joist hangers with 1/2" diameter or larger fasteners.

Our Spanish cathedral iron joist hangers are made from durable materials and provide solid support. Installation is easy—even after the beam is installed—so you can quickly upgrade your home's look without breaking the bank. No matter if it’s Tabbed or Concealed iron joist hanger you choose, these products will be sure to add an extra level of beauty and sophistication to your home that will have friends and family talking about your creative touches!

Shown as tabbed type hanger, raw finish and smooth texture.

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