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Riveted Beveled Edge Strapping 1 3/16"


Upgrade the aesthetic and structural integrity of your home with Riveted Iron Strapping from Old West Iron! If you're in need of something to provide that extra touch of stability and style to doors, cabinets, furniture and more, our iron straps can do the job. Our rustic iron straps feature decorative clavos welded in place for a traditional look, while ensuring practicality. The strapping is 11/16" thick and comes with rivets spaced 4" apart for maximum sturdiness and a symetrical look. Our flat bar is cut so that the rivets are evenly spaced at each end to ensure top quality results. With Old West Iron, you can trust that you're getting a tough product that won't let you down as it improves both the appearance and longevity of your home!

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