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Inox Celia Design 4-piece Burnt Black Party Set

INOX artisan's top sellers are it's in house designing process incorporating its artisans ideas, who are willing go any lengths to recreate the Iron Age in the Indian subcontinent, also known as the last phase of the Indus Valley Tradition. The design CELIA's handles are lightly textured with a herringbone pattern, adding dimension and contrast to the flatware's clean-styled, mirror-finish heads. Celia captivates with the fine detailed elegance of the shape. Softly defined transitions harmoniously combine with the slim, rounded handles and the voluminous head parts. Our stainless steel flatware  have a coarse texture, which is compatible with opaque dinnerware, heavy glassware and loosely woven linens. And with the right cheese accessories, you can elevate them from good to gourmet. Cheese fork and cheese spreader are one of the most important cheese accessories. The stainless steel flatware cheese knife & tools set is artfully packaged in custom soft cotton cloth packaging to showcase  and protect their unique design. The flatware are made of mirror  polished stainless steel head parts and feature handles with a droplet design that lie flat, making them the ideal accompaniment to cheese plates / cheese boards.Features : Celia handmade flatware are textured with a herringbone handles. CELIA is most wanted cheese knife OR cheese spreader for service Celia brings artisans' desire to recreate Ironage flatware sets. Dishwasher Safe. Avoid Lemon scented  or Corrosive Detergents. Perfectly Balanced  for Performance. Handmade and Forged with High Grade Stainless Steel Flatware Ornamentation and Design pattern is precisely rendered with depth and clarity on both sides. Fork for serving  and  curved cheese spreader with a wide blade.
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