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Egyptian Fleur De Lis Iron Door Pull


Eqyptian Fleur de Lis iron door pull is compatible with French, Spanish, Roman, Rococo, Romanesque, Neo-Classical Renaissance, Medieval, French Creole/New Orleans, Queen Anne, and Victorian styles.

8" Door Pull

10" Door Pull

12" Door Pull

End to end length 8"

Overall width 1 1/2"

Handle length

5 3/8"

Handle width 3/8"

Handle height 2"

End to end length 10" 

Overall width 2"

Handle length 6 3/8"

Handle width 1/2"

Handle height 2 1/8"

End to end length 12"

Overall width 2"

Handle length 8 1/2"

Handle width 3/4"

Handle height 2 1/2"


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