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1/2" Dia. Pyramid Hex Head Lag

These are pointed to screw into wood & other materials. Use them for decorative or structural purposes. The Hex head is a classic look with the possibility to be used for many different applications. Add a little rustic to this classic lag with our hammered or pyramid option.

We recommend nothing below 3/8" for structural applications.
    • Head Shape: Hex
    • Head Texture: Pyramid
    • Size Across Flats: 3/4" 
    • Socket Size: 3/4"8-Point
    • Head Height: 5/16"
    • Shank Diameter: 1/2"
    • Thread Pitch: 6
    • Pilot Hole: soft wood 1/4"
    • Pilot Hole: hard wood 3/8"
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