Hand Forged Egg Spoon Blacksmith Leaf Handle

  • Handmade
  • Materials: Steel
  • undefined undefined Join the cooking revolution with this hand-forged egg spoon.

    This egg spoon is made using a combination of traditional and modern blacksmithing tools and techniques. It has a leaf handle giving it a natural organic vibe and a copper riveted attachment to the spoon.

    The cooking spoon is pre-seasoned with oil just like a cast iron pan, all it needs is butter and an egg to get cooking.

    I can attest from personal use that these little spoons make a mean fried egg.

    The egg spoon handle is curved to match the dish so that it can be left flat on the counter while the egg cooks if you are cooking over a stove instead of an open fire.

    The handle is 14" and the dish of the spoon is 4 ½" in diameter, for a total length of 18".

    Wicks Forge cooking tools are finished in a similar method to seasoned cast iron cookware, and like cast iron pans, if used and cared for in the same manner will last generations. Hand Wash the piece after use (preferably without soap), and then coat with a thin layer of cooking oil after toweling them dry to prevent surface rust. Any surface rust that does form can be removed with a brillo pad, wire brush, or steel scouring pad. Once removed, reseal the piece with a thin layer of cooking oil.

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