XL Dunmow Crest Fleur De Lis Iron Faux Hinge Strap

The Dunmow Crest fleur de lis iron hinge strap is a British Fleur De Lis replicated off a crest from Dunmow in the 16th Century. The Fluer De Lis is most commonly seen as French in style, although this symbol has roots in Egypt, Babylonia, Greece and Rome. The Fleur De Lis slowly transformed into a symbol not just of French royalty but also of France itself. Its usage eventually spread to royalty throughout Europe as a symbol of all royalty. This design goes well with Old English, French, Tudor, Spanish, Persian, Indian, Art Nueveau, Romanesque, Renaissance, Baroque, and Neo-Classical. Please view our decorative nails to keep this hinge straps appearance authentic.

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