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Decorated Gothic Iron Kick Plate

Give your home an unprecedented look and resale value with our decorative iron kickplates! Our kickplates offer a unique and captivating fusion of style and protection for your doors. Hand-crafted and available in custom sizes, these ornate pieces feature delicate hammered textures and patina finishes that are sure to impress. Installing our plates is made simple due to the matching decorative screws that come included, ensuring an elegant and cohesive feel. With a touch of Medieval charm, these versatile kickplates can be used to give your doorways an old-world aesthetic when uniquely positioned at the top. Upgrade the look of your home today with our professional quality, Decorated Gothic Iron Kickplate, that is sure to turn heads. Make a memorable statement, add a bit of sophistication, or simply protect your door from wear - whatever you need, you'll find it in our Decorated Gothic Iron Kickplate!

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