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Chateauesque Iron Mantel Strap


The Chateauesque iron mantel strap is your perfect choice for style and functionality. Delivering the natural charm of a late Victorian period design, this elegant fireplace mantel strap is the ideal way to upgrade the look, feel, and value of your room.

Comprised of high end French craftsmanship, the strength and durability of this product makes it both an aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound addition to your home space. The combination of decorative style with lasting quality makes this product a wise choice for any homeowner updating their living area.

No matter your decor style, the understated sophistication of our handcrafted straps will be sure to complement any room precisely as you intended. Not only does the Chateauesque iron mantel strap create an inviting atmosphere in your home, but also can help to increase the overall value when it comes time to sell.

Upgrade your fireplace today with Chateauesque’s premium 3 sided U-Strap for mantels!

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