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5/8" dia. Eye to Eye Turnbuckles

Our 5/8" diameter eye to eye turnbuckle assemblies are forged with the highest quality iron available. These decorative and structural components are perfect for providing your home's interiors with a unique touch of rustic charm and industrial strength. The turnbuckles come in standard smooth and hammered textures, as well as custom hand painted finishes such as oil rubbed bronze, wrought iron, and even black finish. Use them to upgrade the look of furniture pieces like tables and chairs, or incorporate them in your interior beams for added structural support. Additionally, you can pair these turnbuckles with our twisted rod for an even more head-turning look; or use them together with our hammered eyebolts for that one-of-a-kind industrial aesthetic. Investing in our 5/8" diameter eye to eye turnbuckle assemblies is an easy and simple way to add value to your home while also giving it a beautiful rustic touch.

7 7/8" long with 6" maximum adjustment, 10 7/8" long with 9" maximum adjustment, or 13 7/8" long with 12" maximum adjustment, 3500 lb weight capacity, threaded for 5/8"-11, made of forged steel

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