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Old West Iron 

Photo gallery

Looking for ideas? Check out our portfolio! Our wonderful clients have provided us with photos of their amazing completed projects that showcase our custom iron work. Use the link below to view the gallery. 

We offer the largest selection of old world style decorative screws,  square head lag screws, machine bolts, square head bolts, round head bolts, elevator bolts and carriage bolts. These specialty fasteners are available in all standard sizes, such as, 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4" diameter and various lengths from 3/4" up to 20" long. The smooth, hammered, and pyramid hammered textures our company crafts elevates our square head and hex head lag bolts and through bolts to a designer taste making them versatile enough to accent all design styles, while adding the integrity of the structural fastener.

Unique, Hand-Hammered Products.

Our products have the craftsmanship of our ancestors which shows in the small irregularities and inconsistencies of our hand-hammered products, and hand painted patina finishes, which is a small testament that these items are not stamped out of an assembly line, as well as, the numerous options we offer for each individual product.

Old West Iron's iron fireplace mantle straps have the option to be structural or decorative. They can be paired with any of our clavos for unique looks. This item can also be used as a beam strap to hide an ugly seam, or to hang a plant, light, or sign.

Our decorative iron door knockers / ring pulls are a mixture of historical replicas and designs inspired by various historical buildings across Europe. These vintage style door knockers can also be used as towel rings and cabinet pulls.

Historical Reproductions

Our forte is our hand chosen line of designs in historical wrought iron reproductions with an emphasis on the original style iron hardware/fasteners, such as, hand-hammered square head lag screws/bolts and hammered head carriage bolts. We have created an expansive collection of door, furniture, cabinet, and trunk hardware in all of our unique design options from the most rustic to the most primitive forged iron, not excluding our dramatic ornate iron.

What are clavos? Clavo is a Spanish word meaning nail, and are typically a large, decorative nailhead. Also referred to as door studs, rustic nail heads, decorative nails and faux bolt heads these fasteners have many decorative uses. Clavos or decorative nail heads are frequently used as adornments to doors, cabinets, furniture, and gates. These nail heads can also be applied to wood beams as faux bolt heads to create the look of large, old fashion bolt heads. Our clavos have a thick, sturdy nail allowing them to be used in nearly any wood application. This nail style makes them slightly different than furniture tacks or upholstery tacks, which have a very thin, lightweight nail. The clavos in Old West Iron’s hardware line are made of hand-forged iron, cast iron, solid bronze, or solid copper. Our designer approved, high-quality clavos are the perfect addition to any project. We offer many hand-painted patina finishes that are rust preventative to fit any taste or design style. Our colors include but are not limited to black, oil rubbed bronze, wrought iron patina, rusty metal, aged pewter, gunmetal, and raw unfinished metal.  

Our iron hinge and hinge strap line is based on historical replicas is unique in style and custom made to each order, although we do have some in stock items that ship within a week. Our hinge straps have a choice of being used as a faux decorative strap or a fully functioning pintle, butt, or barrel hinge. We also offer small cabinet, furniture, and trunk hinges.

Wrought Iron?

The commonly misused term "wrought iron" is no longer produced on a commercial scale. True wrought iron is a semi-fused mass of smelted iron created by heating ore in a forge with charcoal, which both expels most of the slag and welds the iron into a solid mass. In the 1860's wrought iron was replaced by mild steel since it was less expensive and more readily available. Most of today's products described as "wrought iron" are actually mild steel. The term "wrought" was actually used to describe the process used to create the iron, the word wrought itself meaning worked in Middle English. Our iron products are steel (an alloy of carbon and steel, with iron being the base metal) unless otherwise specified. We do offer a hand applied finish that replicated the look of the old wrought iron.

Our iron T plates are for bracing post and beam. These straps are an aesthetically pleasing alternative to Simpson strong tie type brackets

Old West Iron's structural iron corbels and consoles are crafted in decorative designs with an old world flair. They can be used as a mantle support, beam support, shelving bracket, or to hang a plant or sign.

Angle braces also called corner brackets are custom made to order to support the inside of a corner or to brace the outside.

The free-standing pizza oven doors are designed to be entirely removed during the cooking process if desired.

Hinged pizza oven doors available custom made to order for square and arched oven openings.


Our products have the craftsmanship of our ancestors which shows in the small irregularities and inconsistencies of our hand-hammered scrolls and textures, and hand painted patina finishes, a small testament that these items are not stamped out of an assembly line. We are not a cast foundry, every piece is made one of a kind.