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Speakeasy Grills & Doors

We offer speakeasy grills and doors in many different designs and styles with many options to customize them to perfectly fit your application. Whether you are looking for spanish style scrolled grills with heavy collars or the more traditional prohibition era grid style, reminiscent of the days of Al Capone, these speakeasy door grills will be the focal point of any entry. Our line of metal speakeasy grills and iron door viewers range from flat iron grids, flat hammered iron tabs, decorative scrolled door grills, curled legs, round iron grills and doors, as well as full sets of grill and door combos that come with glass. The iron door viewers we offer are hinged on a frame, made from solid steel or iron and come in many styles from simple hammered iron to decorative scrolled designs with ornate frames. Our artisans take pride in the quality of each piece and create each one with heavy duty craftsmanship.

Any of our speakeasy grilles or metal door viewers would make a unique and functional addition to your door. Choose from any of our hammered textures and pair with our hand painted finishes in black, oil rubbed bronze, wrought iron patina, natural rust and many more finish options.

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