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Clavos / Decorative Nail Heads

Rustic clavos in sizes from 1/2" up to 2" decorative nail heads. We offer round clavos, square clavos, pyramid clavos, hammered clavos, distressed clavos, embelished clavos, historical clavos, flat clavos, hexagon clavos, Spanish clavos and other unique shaped clavos. Use the links below to shop by head style or by nail head size.To view all clavos please scroll below the links. Free shipping on all domestic orders over $40, we offer a price break / discount of 10% off when you order 100+

This collection features a variety of clavos options to meet different decorative preferences. Some of the clavos available include round clavos with distressed matte black finish, premium round clavos with antique copper or oil-rubbed bronze finish, and decorative pyramid-shaped clavos with pewter or antique brass finish. There are also options for round hammered effect clavos with pewter or antique brass finish, as well as round studded style clavos with oil-rubbed bronze finish. For a more old-world style, there are clavos with bronze patina or aged/distressed look in black or oil-rubbed bronze finish. Additionally, the collection offers round clavos with lightly hammered matte black finish, timeworn round clavos with antique copper finish, and round clavos with a rope edge in oil-rubbed bronze finish. Customers can also find premium hammered iron clavos with unfinished heads. For those in search of a larger and more distinctive look, there are premium large pyramid clavos with a distressed appearance. The collection also includes various pack sizes and multi-pack sales, providing options for different quantities and budget preferences.

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