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Bells & Dinner Triangles

Bells and dinner triangles add an exquisite conversation piece to any home or living space. From hammered copper bells for a traditional and rustic flair to hand-forged bells for an antique feel, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Our bells come with lever actions for a truly unique design or simply use the hand forged bells for simple yet eye catching decor. They are great for front door announcements and to provide a welcoming atmosphere for all guests that come into your home.

For those looking for a unique gifting piece, our bells and dinner triangles can be the perfect present for newlyweds, married couples, young adults giving for special occasions like Mothers and Grandmothers Day, or just as a way to brighten up a home. These pieces bring an old world quality to any abode, with hand crafted bells perfect for any unique or rustic decor scheme you may choose. With our variety of options, you're guaranteed to find the perfect piece! Get yours today and add a touch of style and class to any living space.

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