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Carriage Bolts

The carriage bolts we offer are the hammered carriage bolt, smooth carriage bolt, and the antique flat head carriage bolt. The flat carriage bolt is reproduced after an old mission gate that had amazing old flat head clavos decorating the gate that were pitted from age. One of our most popular specialty bolts is the hammered carriage bolt inspired by a rusty carriage bolt on an 1800’s carriage in Cody, WY that was obviously a black iron bolt in its day. Using these old world wrought iron carriage bolts you can now achieve the look of the antique fasteners. These carriage bolts are an asset to all building new and old giving the look of a wrought iron bolt. Since the trend of reclaimed lumber these decorative carriage bolts have become fashionable. Our smooth head carriage bolts are standard cariage bolts free of any markings creating a clean button rivet apperance.

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Looking for a strong and reliable carriage bolt? Look no further than our selection of high-quality bolts, available in both hammered and smooth heads. Our bolts are threaded to receive a nut and have a square shoulder under the head to prevent the bolt from turning while you tighten the nut - perfect for all your construction needs.