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Door Knockers / Ring Pulls

Add a touch of timeless elegance and practical functionality to your home with our exquisite collection of ring pulls and door knockers. Each piece in our lineup, ranging from 3" to 6" in ring size, is a historical replica that embodies the esteemed architectural styles of bygone eras. From the elaborate patterns of Gothic Cathedrals and Celtic designs to the understated beauty of Colonial and Shabby Chic styles, our selection caters to a variety of aesthetic tastes. Priced between $30.24 and $94.65, these decorative hardware items promise to enhance the charm and character of your space without breaking the bank.

Our bestseller, the Spanish Cathedral Door Knocker/Ring Pull, celebrates the rich cultural heritage of historic architecture, making it more than just a utility item but rather a statement piece for your entryway, cabinets, or gates. The finishes are carefully chosen to complement different design themes—the stark elegance of Black finish for simple styles, the untouched allure of raw or unfinished metal for old world and rustic-inspired homes, and the timeless sophistication of Oil Rubbed Bronze for a more genteel appearance. These versatile pulls and knockers are not only ideal for doors but also make remarkable additions to furniture pieces like drawers and cabinets or even as unconventional, yet chic, towel rings.

Craftsmanship that echoes centuries of tradition comes alive in our door knockers and ring pulls. Every product in our range not only serves a purpose but tells a story, connecting your home to the historical intricacies of architectural design. Enrich your dwelling with a piece of art that has been refined by time, providing reliable durability and a unique flourish that turns any door or cabinet into the focal point of a room. From the grand entrance to the intimate corners of your home, these decorative elements ensure that functional necessity meets artisanal splendor. Choose from our assortment to grant your residence a facade that speaks volumes of its grandeur and thoughtfully curated style.


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