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Hand Forged Twisted Iron and Copper Ladle


This rustic hand-forged ladle is the perfect combination of traditional colonial style and function. Handcrafted to perfection with strong rivets, stunning twisted metal handle, hand shaped solid copper bowl - it exudes timeless charm for any farmhouse decor setting. Try using these hand forged copper utensils in your kitchen or hanging by your fireplace. This wrought-iron and copper ladle is both an appealing display piece and a practical kitchen tool. Just remember that while it is food safe, acidic items such as vinegar and tomatoes can be damaging to the copper material so take care when using them with this cookware piece! To ensure longevity, make sure you dry off any moisture after each use before storing with a light coating of a food grade oil.


4" diameter cup x 14" long Handle


1 Cup

  • $70.50
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