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How To Get the Rustic Look With Square Head Lag Bolts

How To Get the Rustic Look With Square Head Lag Bolts

Square head lag bolts are used in wood construction for an aesthetically pleasing rustic look. Here's how they bring a 100-year-old look to your project.

Lag bolts have been around since the 1400s, showing how useful these bolts are and have continued to be. Even today, many people use square head lag bolts in their projects and construction jobs.

Lag bolts are one of the strongest options when you are looking for fasteners for any kind of project. Not only are they strong and durable, they can give any project a rustic look.

These are one of those unique tools that can add functionality and decor to a project. This is a great way to build something sturdily as well as make it look rustic and old-fashioned.

Keep reading to find out how you can use square lag bolts to give things a rustic look.

What Are Square Head Lag Bolts?

Lag bolts are very similar to screws and may even be mistaken for screws if you aren't careful. They have a similar design as they screw into materials, but you can tighten or loosen them with a wrench.

Square head bolts are a kind of lag bolt that has a different look. These bolts are typically a bit larger and have a thick square head that looks very old-fashioned.

These kinds of rustic bolts are very heavy-duty and are often used for heavy lumber. They are sturdy and can withstand a great deal of weight due to their design.

These bolts also come in different sizes, so you are not limited to the very large square bolts. You can get them in different lengths so that they can be smaller or larger depending on what you need them for.

One noticeable detail of these bolts is that they do not have a head mark. This is because these bolts are screwed in with a wrench, and the tightness is adjusted with a wrench.

This is another detail that sets bolts aside from common types of screws. Because of this, lag bolts have a cleaner look and can also make projects look very rustic.

How Are Lag Bolts Used

Square head lag bolts are not used as frequently as they used to be. This is mostly due to other kinds of bolts becoming available, making these lag bolts less necessary in construction.

Because of this, you will not see this kind of lag bolt used all that frequently in construction. Though they will often be used in older constructions that were previously built with this kind of bolt.

Square head bolts are now used more for appearance purposes as they create a very rustic look when used. They have become decorative bolts as more and more people are interested in rustic-looking things.

Though square head bolts are very effective and work great in most kinds of projects, they simply have become less popular. This is why most people now buy them for appearance purposes rather than functional purposes.

Now, these bolts are added to projects to enhance their appearance and create a rustic look. This is due to the rustic and old-fashioned look that the square head has in comparison to other kinds of bolts and screws.

How You Can Use Square Lag Bolts to Create a Rustic Look

If you love the rustic look of things, there is a very easy way you can make almost anything look more rustic. This can be done by adding square head bolts to different items.

These lag screws have an old look to them, and they can be used to make most things look older. This is an easy way to immediately give something an old-fashioned look to quickly date it.

This can be done in all kinds of ways by using these rustic bolts.

Use Them In Your Backyard Deck

Backyard decks tend to be a bit neglected when it comes to appearance. These are functional decks that need to be sturdy and weatherproof, which is why they may end up looking a bit bland.

The good thing is that you can immediately make your backyard deck look rustic by adding lag bolts. These square head bolts give a deck a unique and old-fashioned look that regular screws can't hold up to.

Not only are these bolts decorative, they are also functional as they are perfect for wood and holding heavy weight. They are weatherproof and have durable threads that don't need a secondary nut.

Add Lag Bolts to Furniture

If you want the furniture in your home to have a more rustic appearance, you can try adding lag bolts to them. Lag bolts do well with any kind of wood and can be screwed in easily.

This is the perfect addition to any old-fashioned piece of furniture with exposed wood. Rustic bolts add character to furniture and immediately add more interest to each piece.

People most commonly use these bolts on pieces of furniture with plenty of exposed wood, such as tables and wooden chairs. These bolts can turn most pieces of furniture into rustic accents that anyone could appreciate.

Use Them for Exposed Beams

If your home has exposed beams, you are probably already leaning towards the rustic or farmhouse style of decor. If that is the case, you can add to this by using lag bolts in these exposed beams.

This adds the perfect small touch that will make these beams look older without having to go to much trouble. A few well-placed bolts will add character and finish off these beams.

Small touches like these make all of the difference and can make your home feel truly rustic.

Mount a TV With Lag Bolts

If you have a mounted tv on your wall, you may not like the look of the fasteners. This can be a real problem as the fasteners are going to be exposed, being visible for all to see. 

One unique way to add a touch of rustic decor to your home is to use lag bolts as fasteners. They are similar to screws as they can be screwed into the wall and can hold up a significant amount of weight.

Not only are lag screws effective, they are also very eye pleasing if you like the rustic look. You can also find all styles of square head bolts in different colors to fit your home's decor.

These can also be used to hold up other kinds of heavy objects that go on the walls.

Use Them for Fencing

If you have a fence around your home, you can immediately make this look more rustic. Lag bolts can be used to give your fence just the right finishing touch to make it look old-fashioned.

You can use these bolts to secure your fence, as they can be functional as well. That or you can simply add them as finishing touches to give your fence the look that you want it to have.

Add Lag Bolts to Shelving 

If you have shelving in your home where the fasteners are exposed, this is a great opportunity to use lag bolts. This can be the perfect touch to not only add security but decor as well.

Lag bolts come in all sizes and can accommodate most types of shelving. They are also very heavy-duty and can hold up any kind of weight that is necessary for that shelf.

Lag screws can add character to your shelves and give them that rustic look that you like. These are only small touches, but they do a lot to age these pieces to make them appear more rustic.

Use Them in Outdoor Furniture and Decor

If you have outdoor furniture, you can use square head bolts to give these pieces an old-fashioned look. The square head of these bolts immediately makes anything look more rustic and less modern.

You can add these to any kind of outdoor furniture that has wood exposed to screw into. This typically works best with furniture that is made mostly of wood as it is already a bit rustic on its own.

You can use these bolts as decorative touches to finish off these pieces and give them that desired look. Alternatively, you could also use lag bolts if you are building your own outdoor furniture.

How to Use Square Head Lag Bolts Decoratively

If you want to give things a more rustic appearance, using rustic bolts like square head lag bolts is a great option. These bolts are not used as commonly anymore, but they are great decorative bolts for projects.

This is a great way to give your home that rustic feel that you like or give any project a little more character.

Do you want to use lag bolts to give your projects a more rustic appearance? Contact us today at Old West Iron to get all kinds of rustic fastener recommendations.

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