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Set of 3 Bumble Bee Metal Garden Stakes


Set of 3 Bumble Bee Metal Garden Stakes

Add a Buzz to Your Garden with Handcrafted Elegance!

Introducing our Set of 3 Bumble Bee Metal Garden Stakes, the perfect addition to any pollinator garden or home decor collection. These charming and durable pieces bring a touch of nature's beauty and whimsy to your outdoor or indoor space.

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted Quality: Each bumble bee is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring unique characteristics and variations in color. No two are exactly alike!
  • Multiple Sizes: Available in diameters of 4", 6", and 8", you can choose your preferred size or opt for one of each to create a dynamic display.
  • Flexible Lengths: Select from two different lengths—18" or 24"—to suit your garden's needs and aesthetic preferences.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use: These versatile stakes are designed for both indoor and outdoor settings, making them a flexible decor option.
  • Natural Rust Finish: The raw metal will naturally rust over time, enhancing its rustic charm. If you prefer to maintain the original look, simply apply a clear coat with Rustoleum Crystal Clear to prevent rusting.

Options Available:

  • 4" diameter, 18" long
  • 6" diameter, 18" long
  • 8" diameter, 18" long
  • One of each size, 18" long
  • 4" diameter, 24" long
  • 6" diameter, 24" long
  • 8" diameter, 24" long
  • One of each size, 24" long

Shipping & Fulfillment:

  • Quick Fulfillment: Orders are fulfilled within 1-3 days, so you can start enjoying your new garden decor without delay.
  • Free Shipping: Most orders ship free via UPS, ensuring a hassle-free delivery experience.

Perfect for Home Decor Enthusiasts:

Whether you're an avid gardener or simply love unique home decor, these bumble bee metal stakes are sure to delight. They make wonderful gifts for friends and family who appreciate handcrafted quality and the beauty of natural elements.

Bring a touch of buzzworthy charm to your garden or home today with our Set of 3 Bumble Bee Metal Garden Stakes!

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