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Placa central de Iron Ridge de Europa de la Edad Media


The Middle Age Europe Iron Ridge Center Plate from Old West Iron is perfect for homeowners looking to add a timeless, classic look to their home. Designed to support the ridge beams and king strut trusses in your roof, this iron plate emphasizes old world charm while keeping structural integrity. Its ornate details evoke a medieval feeling unlike any other accessory in your home.

This plate features all of our hammered texture and finish options with fasteners that are available separately. For greater load resistance, we recommend using 1/2" diameter or larger fasteners that suit your purpose perfectly. We do not advise clavos installation for overhead metal plates, instead opting for a combination of traditional and modern techniques – something no other brand can deliver.

Adding the Middle Age Europe Iron Ridge Center Plate by Old West Iron will give your home an extra sense of character without sacrificing safety or quality. With its impressive designs in all our finishes, this product ensures strong support while enhancing the look of any property. Experience the old world charm coupled with top-notch manufacturing technology today!


Image shown in smooth texture and black finish.

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