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Customized Width Sky View Wrought Iron Arbor - Metal Garden Arch - Rustic Flower Vine Trellis Support - Yard Art Decoration

We customize to fit our wider Sky View wrought iron Arbor Arch to fit you space. Our welded steel trellis is made to last. Decide the width you need and we can make it. Many of our clients are needing a arch to span a wide sidewalk or larger to accommodate a lawn mower so we will make it for you. Notice a few of the pictures show this arbor before we make the wider adjustments. The longer the insert we use does make the top flat so it will have less arch.

Our customers have been asking us to adjust our sizes to fit their needs and our welders are able to create widths from 66" to 84" wide. Front to back measures 23" x 95" tall. When ordering this arbor Contact Us to discuss the width you require.

Color Choices:
You have a choice of the original rusty finish or add some color to your piece by choosing from our many paint color options! We can paint it in a full coat option with one of our 20 Rust-oleum colors OR we can do a vintage style brushed paint finish. Upon purchase of the product with the Rust-Oleum paint option, we Prime the item with a coordinating Primer then Topcoat it with you Rust-Oleum color choice. You will get a Great Product with a Great Surface to last.

The color choices that show the metal flowers allow you to choose our rustic colors. We use a dry brush technique to get this great rustic look.

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