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Ensamblaje de tensor de gancho a ojo de 1" de diámetro

If you’re looking for an easy way to upgrade the look and value of your home, look no further than our 1” diameter hook to eye turnbuckle assemblies. Designed with durable forged iron, these turnbuckles are both decorative and structurally sound. You can choose from standard smooth texture or hammered texture, and can even pick out a finish such as black, oil rubbed bronze, wrought iron or other hand painted versions that will really give your home character.

These turnbuckles are perfect for adding extra support to furniture, tables, chairs and overhead beams- plus they will lend any room a unique rustic style. To take your renovation project another level, pair our turnbuckles with our hammered rod or twisted rod for a statement-making look. Whether you’re remodeling the outside of your property or modernizing the interior design of your house, this product is guaranteed to increase its overall value– all while creating a timeless atmosphere in any room. Start elevating the aesthetic of your home by ordering one of our hook to eye turnbuckle assemblies today!
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