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Spanish Cathedral Iron Ridge Center Plate

Give your home a timeless and exquisite look with our Spanish Cathedral Iron Ridge Center Plate. This elegant truss plate adds an old world charm to any roof, while providing the support of traditional ridge beams. Crafted using sturdy hammered iron, it’s designed to endure the toughest elements and show off its unique texture for years to come.

An innovative fastener-less design makes installation easy on any truss, whether you’re working under a steep pitch or curved surface. Plus, the plate comes in all of our finishes so it can easily match your existing decor in any environment. And since it’s resistant to corrosion and decay, this plate can significantly improve the value of your home while making sure its structural integrity is held intact.

Start enjoying the timeless look of our Spanish Cathedral Iron Ridge Center Plate today! Our experts are available to help answer any questions you may have so you can get the perfect support for all your roofs without compromising on style.
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