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Latches, Slide Bolts & Cane Bolts

Old West Iron is proud to present our high-quality selection of decorative latches, cane bolts, and slide bolts. With our widest array of custom-made cane bolts and latching parts, you can find the perfect solution for your gate, door, cabinet, or furniture project. Our latches give your home an authentic, rustic western aesthetic, providing a vintage look that will last for years. Our slide bolts and cane bolts come with adjustable and removable mounts to fit any surface, giving you a secure closure and the convenience you need in your life. Slide bolts are typically for horizontal uses and cane bolts for vertical and horizontal applications. All products come with free domestic shipping on orders of $40 or more, and all international shipping quotes are available during the checkout process. Invest in quality products from Old West Iron and make your projects a breeze.

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