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Angle Iron

Our rustic angle iron is perfect for those looking to add strength, stability, and charm to their home. Angle iron is iron that has been bent in a 90 degree L-shape to increase the irons strength and rigidity, this allows the angle iron to bear exessive weight loads, making it the ideal choice for a variety of applications.  Our angle iron is available in any length from 4” up to 94” long, ensuring we have an option that’s perfect for your project. Angle iron can be ordered with holes for installation as decorative iron corner protectors or any other screw on application. Our rustic angle iron can be used to build decorative iron furniture, rustic iron shelves, iron bed frames, custom iron bike racks, wrap door and window casings,  or can be used as decorative iron corner guards. We also offer hammered edges on our angle iron for a decorative and rustic look. With its rustic and timeless appeal, angle iron is the right choice for homeowners looking to enhance the look and value of their home.

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