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Heirloom Grill Set, Hand Forged, Steel Fork, Spatula, Grill Tools, Kitchen, Grilling Gifts, Kitchen, Father's Day

  • Handmade - Materials: Iron, steel
  • This Heirloom Grill Set is named for it's lasting usefulness and timeless aesthetic. These will be the tools that grandpa uses and passes down to his children's children.

    Hand Forged using traditional methods, this beautiful set of a serving fork and spatula features tools with a twisted steel handle made from solid 1/4" steel. The fork tines are forged from the single solid piece of steel and are very strong. The spatula flipper is made from a piece of stainless steel sheet then hammer riveted to the handle. Amazing to hold, and built to last for generations!

    The long handles are approx. 11-12" long made from mild carbon 1/4" solid steel and the fork tines and spatula flipper are both approximately 4" overall in length.

    FINISHES: (traditional black shown in the photos)

    I am now offering your choice of finishes on my items. You may select from the following finishes when checking out.

    Traditional "black" is hand brushed out of the forge and coated with beeswax (or a vegetable oil on areas that are intended to come in contact with food) for a dark steel appearance.

    Polished Steel is a brighter finish achieved by polishing your item on a wire wheel polisher leaving an attractive bright shine.

    These are made to order, and while you won't receive the exact item in the picture, the quality and design will be of the same caliber and standard. Small variations are guaranteed, that's what makes your hand forged item unique and special!

    *Mild steel should be treated the same way you treat cast iron. Please only hand wash, dry thoroughly and apply a light coating of food safe oil every now and then to protect the steel from moisture.


    This product made in the USA, and will be shipped by third party. 

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    Traditional Black
    Polished Steel
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