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Hammered Copper Double Hook

  • Introducing the Hammered Copper Double Hook - the epitome of elegance and functionality for your bathroom. This exquisite piece is not just a simple hook; it's a statement of style, meticulously handcrafted from pure copper to add a warm, luxurious touch to your space.

    Why Choose the Hammered Copper Double Hook?

    • Handmade Excellence: Each double hook is individually handcrafted, ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike. This level of craftsmanship guarantees a unique product that adds a personal touch to your home.
    • Premium Materials: Made from high-quality copper, known for its durability and timeless appeal, this double hook promises not only to meet but exceed your expectations. Copper offers a stunning aesthetic that gracefully ages, adding character and beauty to your bathroom over time.
    • Elegant Design: The hammered finish on the copper is not only visually appealing but also adds texture and depth to the material, reflecting light in a way that enhances its natural beauty. The double hook design is perfect for hanging wet towels, robes, or clothes, keeping them off the floor and within easy reach.
    • Practical and Versatile: Measuring 8” x 3” x 4” (w x h x d), this double hook is ideally sized for any bathroom. It comes equipped with 3x #10 x 2” copper-coated screws for easy installation, ensuring it holds firmly in place.
    • Maintained Brilliance: For those who appreciate the bright, shiny look of copper, we offer the option to add a light lacquer finish. This additional layer helps to maintain the hook's brilliant shine, making it a focal point in your bathroom for years to come.

    Transform your bathroom with the Hammered Copper Double Hook - where functionality meets artisanal beauty. Its robust construction and elegant design make it a must-have addition for those who value quality and style. Perfect for hanging your wet towels or robes, it not only serves a practical purpose but also enhances the overall look of your space.

    Please note: ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Ensure this handcrafted piece is exactly what you're looking for in adding a touch of elegance and functionality to your bathroom.

    Elevate your bathroom decor with the Hammered Copper Double Hook - a testament to handmade craftsmanship and timeless design.

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