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Colonial Staircase Railing Picket


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These industrial style spindles are designed to attach to the outer facing part of a staircase and your wooden handrail. Product specifics: Material: Metal. Steel rail and ends. Cast iron wall attachments. Colour: matte black. Dimensions: - Spindle length: 102 cm - Mounting plates: 40 mm diameter - Distance from wall: 27 mm - Spindle bar diameter: 16 mm - Pin to mount to wall: 25 mm length, 6 mm diameter. Style: Industrial, Vintage, Steampunk, Modern, Barn, Loft What's included? - 19 mm wood screws. Add character to any space with this vintage-inspired industrial spindles rail. The hammer-edged steel rail and ornate cast iron mounting plate make for a unique and eye-catching addition to your home.

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