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Authentic 15th Century Iron "L" Plate

The Authentic 15th Century Iron "L" Plate is a classic design in an authentic primitive style. Crafted using traditional techniques, these robust iron plates are ideal for both structural and decorative uses. With their signature arrow-shaped end and all of our unique hammered textures and finishes they offer unparalleled beauty and elegance to any property. Willing to withstand heavy loads, each plate can be easily secured with 1/2" diameter bolts or other relevant fasteners available for purchase separately. Whether you are looking for something to enhance your Spanish, Craftsman, Medieval, Celtic, Rustic, Traditional, Moroccan, Persian, French, Renaissance, Mission, French Country, Tuscan or Gothic designs this is the perfect piece for you. With its timeless beauty and distinctive look you will be sure this Authentic 15th Century Iron "L" Plate will bring charm and character to any setting!
Introducing the Authentic 15th Century Iron "L" Plate, a timeless and beautiful structural and decorative iron plate designed to support a vertical post. Hand-crafted with traditional capabilities from the 15th century that feature spliced and peeled back scrolls for an arrow shaped end, this design has been adopted for various designs styles including Spanish, Craftsman Mediterranean, French Country, Tuscan Mission, French Renaissance and more. The greatest part? It is available in all our hammered textures and finished colors so you can ensure your vision is brought to life. For those needing an even stronger hold with heavy loads, we recommend through bolting with 1/2" diameter bolts (sold separately). Bring an air of distinction home today with the Authentic 15th Century Iron "L" Plate!
Our Authentic 15th Century Iron "L" Plates are a must-have addition to your next home renovation project. Favored by architects, builders, and interior designers alike, these traditional iron plates offer structural support for posts and horizontal beams, adding an element of style to any room. Crafted using the same classical technique developed in the 15th century—technique that involves splicing and peeling back the design edge into a scroll for an arrow-shaped finish—these plates will elevate décor quickly and effortlessly.

From Spanish style to Gothic themes, with options featuring our own hand-hammered texture ad all our special finishes, these Authentic 15th Century Iron "L" Plates will make an impressive impact on any space from the classic to modern traditional look. With fasteners sold seperately for structural applications with heavier loads, you can trust our products for both safety and reliability.

Make your next project stand out with all the rustic charm of ages gone by – order our Authentic 15th Century Iron "L" Plate now!
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