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Shutter Dogs

Elevate the character and charm of your home with our hand-forged iron shutter dogs, a blend of functionality and enchanting design aesthetics. Available in a range of prices from $32.92 to $51.78, these shutter dogs are not merely window dressing; they provide the practical purpose of holding your shutters in place with strength and durability. Among our collection, the Spanish Shutter Dog stands as a best seller, exemplifying the craftsmanship and unique style that every discerning homeowner appreciates. Each piece is crafted to accommodate the size and thickness of your shutters, ensuring a seamless fit and an elegant silhouette against any exterior.

Rustic iron shutter dogs for decorative and functioning shutters. Also called a tie back, the iron shutter dog is a decorative piece that holds the shutter in place from the front side of the shutter. The term shutter dog is an Old English term stemming from the word "dog" meaning a fastener. Iron shutter dogs should be installed toward the outer edge of the shutter and below or to the side of the shutter far enough to allow the shutter to swing past the tieback when it is turned to a neutral position. Many of our designs are shaped as a shutter s hook to create a symmetrical look. All our iron shutter dogs are historical replicas and can be used on any style home. 

Offering a treasure trove of styles, textures, and finishes, our shutter dogs evoke a bespoke sense of individuality for any dwelling, from the quaint country cottage to the stately urban residence. These pieces are ingeniously designed to complement any architectural style, providing that final touch of finesse to your windows. For those who have a specific vision in mind or require a unique accommodation, we welcome you to reach out to our office for custom sizing and designs. Radiate timeless appeal and personalize your shutters with these expressive, versatile accents – the perfect nod to architectural tradition and modern elegance combined.


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