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Iron Strapping / Metal Straps

Iron straps for doors, cabinets, furniture and more. These flat bar straps can be ordered by the foot up to 8 ft long and come in widths from 1" to 4" wide. We offer smooth iron straps, hammered iron straps, riveted metal straps, and other decorative iron straps. Our riveted iron strapping has decorative clavos welded in place and is installed with small screws. All metal strapping can be ordered with clavos to create a one of a kind rustic look. When it comes to sturdiness, flat iron strapping is tough to beat. Take a look inside any construction site or supply depot and you'll see that there's no shortage of this type of metal for anchoring purposes. Here at Old West Iron, we're all about giving your need what they want in terms of tight seals and secure connections - making our product the gold standard when it comes to targeting appearances. Our iron strapping has different thicknesses available, and can be ordered in any length up to 8' long. So whenever you find yourself looking through catalogs looking for strapping that will stand up under pressure (no matter how great), stop hesitating and reach out today!

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