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What Is the Use of a Decorative Joist Hanger?

What Is the Use of a Decorative Joist Hanger?

Have you heard of a decorative joist hanger but are unsure what it is exactly and what it's for? Learn more about joist hangers here.

When designing a new addition to your home, it can be difficult to find the balance between functional and fashionable. 

While everyone wants their rafters or flooring to be secure, ugly brackets or galvanized hangers can ruin the look of a room or outdoor space. This is especially true if you're trying to preserve the feeling of an antique home or add that vintage touch to your current decor. 

Luckily, a decorative iron joist hanger from Old West Iron offers a perfect compromise between aesthetic and function. Read on to learn more about how joist hangers can take your next project from a basic build to a statement piece.

What is a Joist Hanger?

Joist hangers are used to hold and attach lumber joints perpendicular. The hardware wraps around the base and sides of a beam to create a secure hold.

These metal beam hangers can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including custom sizes, custom angled hangers can also be made to order. Custom finishes and hammered textures can be choosen to customize your beam brackets to fit the style of your home.  

When installing joist hangers, you should hold the piece of wood with the joist hanger attached flush against an adjacent beam. These iron joist hangers are then laged or bolted to the existing beam through pre-drilled holes with the fasteners of your choosing, (we reccomend square head lags).

Where are Joist Hangers Used?

You can use joint hangers in many different settings. But they are often used as supports or decorative features for framing, rafters, and outdoor structures, like pavilions and exposed timber construction. 

You can also use joist hangers to construct flooring for decks. These brackets can prevent shrinkage or twisting as a structure dries.

Why Choose a Decorative Joist Hanger? 

While joist hangers can be utilitarian when working with exposed beams or visible woodwork, an unpainted bracket can ruin an entire space. 

To avoid this fatal design error, you can pick from a variety of decorative joist hangers. These hangers are divided into two categories: tabbed or concealed. However, only a tabbed or faux concealed iron joist hanger can be attached to already installed beams.  

Let's run through some of the most popular types of joist hangers.

Where are Decorative Joist Hangers Available?

Decorative joist hangers are easy to shop for. If you want to elevate your home from beautiful to jaw-drooping, though, explore vintage and custom made iron joist hangers.

These sturdy and beautiful iron pieces can't be rivaled by any other.

Classy and Vintage Styles for Your Next Project

While there is a classic style of joist hanger, decorative pieces can be made to reflect specific architectural periods. Other styles of decorative joist hangers range from medieval to classical to refreshingly modern, with every type in between.

For example, an Art Deco Joist Hanger adds a fashionable flair to your 1920s inspired living room.

Meanwhile, romantic floor joist hangers can create a setting worthy of a palace.

And a Scandinavian Iron Joist Hanger makes a bold statement when paired with modern furniture.

Choosing the Right Style for You

With so many fantastic pieces to choose from, how do you decide what style is best for you?

As a family-owned business, Old West Iron is ready to help you dive into your next project with a uniquely made decorative joist hanger and other iron wares. Check out our product page to elevate your home from beautiful to jaw-dropping.


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