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Everything You Need To Know About Using Iron Accents in Your Home

Everything You Need To Know About Using Iron Accents in Your Home

Iron accents are a great way to add a touch of rustic style to your home. So, to help, we've created the ultimate guide to using and caring for iron accents.

Did you know that wrought iron was invented in 1784? Since then, people have been using all sorts of iron in their homes to add a bit more character to their interior design. If you've never used iron accents before, you might be wondering how you can go about using such a cold, dark metal in your home without making your home feel cold or unfriendly. 

As it turns out, using different types of iron accidents isn't as difficult as you might think and they can really make your home's interior style stand out. But there are a few things you need to know about using iron accidents such as how to clean iron accents so that they can stand the test of time. Keep reading and learn more about the details of iron accents below.

Using Decorative Nails and Screws as Iron Accents

Back a hundred years ago, many structures, including furniture, used to be put together using iron nails. Today, nails and screws are mostly not noticeable at all. So, we look back on older structures and pieces of furniture with a certain fondness because of their unique rustic look. 

However, you don't need to seek old pieces of furniture to make your home look rustic as long as you invest in iron accents such as decorative nails or screws. But what are decorative nails and screws, you might ask? They are exactly as they sound. 

These decorative pieces are not designed to hold any piece of furniture or structure together. However, they are designed to look like they are holding a certain structure together. You might wonder what the purpose of such an item is, but when you see a decorative screw in action, you'll see that the sudden change in the space's interior design can make a big difference.

The Details

Iron accents are the epitome of cozy and rustic furniture. Without them, you'll find that you'll never quite be able to get your home's interior as rustic as you would like it. The little bit of iron that decorative screws provide can completely transform a space. 

You don't even need to use very many of these decorative screws to get the look you want. Just by using a few of the screws and nails on a shelf or another piece of furniture, that piece of furniture will immediately look more old-fashioned and interesting. Some even come with different designs to really bring your furniture to life. 

For example, some decorative iron nails might come in the shape of a star, circle, square, clover, or another shape. The variety of these shapes and designs can make it easy to add decorative nails and screws to whatever piece of furniture you see fit and you won't have to worry about the nails not matching the design of the rest of your furniture. 

So, if you want your home to look and feel a bit more rustic, all you have to do is find a place to add a few decorative iron screws and nails. 

How to Use Iron Hooks in Your Home

Along with decorative iron nails and screws, iron hooks are another great type of iron accent you can add to your home. They may send your imagination back to the barns and stables of the old West or perhaps a rustic workshop. Whatever the case, iron hooks are not only stylish but are also very functional. 

The best thing about them is that you can put them just about anywhere you want in your home. As long as you have a verticle surface to nail or screw the iron hooks into, the hooks will stay put and give the space a completely new look. This is not to mention that iron hooks don't have to be plain. 

Some come with very impressive designs that can add a bit of extra flair to whatever room you decide to put them in. For example, some hooks may be in the shape of a rose or they may have decorative details of mountains or abstract swirls. There are many different designs to choose from, so you shouldn't have any trouble choosing one to match the style of the rest of your room or home. 

When you're not using the hooks, you can admire the craftsmanship behind them, and when they're in use, they can make for very good coat racks. Iron hooks, of course, are very sturdy and you shouldn't have any trouble hanging even the heaviest of coats on them. You can also use them to hang other objects such as curtains. 

What You Need to Know

If you plan on putting the hooks in a garage or workshop, they'll have no trouble holding up ropes, wires, or anything else. You can even add some of these hooks to your kitchen or bathroom to hold towels and other objects. That way, these rooms which are usually so ordinary will have a bit of a rustic flair that they would never have otherwise. 

Of course, if you don't plan on needing a hook anytime soon, there are also some decorative hooks you can buy. That way, you can still get all the rustic glory an iron hook provides without actually having to use it.

Another great thing about these hooks is that they are very easy to install. All you need to do is find a way to attach it to the wall of your choosing. Installing a single iron hook shouldn't take you long at all as long as you have the right tools. 

A simple nail or screw should be enough to attach a hook to a wall or piece of furniture. Once the hook is in place, you'll find that it will be nearly impossible for it to budge. So, you won't have to worry about it wiggling around on the wall or being incapable of carrying a heavy load. 

Don’t Forget About Iron Grills and Doors

There are many types of iron accents you can choose from such as corner braces and fences as well as hooks and screws. But what many people forget about is that iron can make for some very stylish grills and doors. Iron grills and doors are perfect for those who really want their home or other space to look not only rustic but authentically rustic. 

Suppose you have a few small windows that are quite plain and unattractive. If you're going for the old-fashioned look, putting an iron grill over it would completely transform its appearance. You might think that putting an iron grill over your window would make your space look like a prison, but this isn't always true. 

There are some very decorative and attractive grills that are actually quite similar to the window grills that still exist in parts of Europe. If you walk around some of Europe's old cities, you'll find that there are some buildings that have been untouched since the Middle Ages and many of those buildings have small windows covered with iron grills. 

The use of iron grills does not so much give the impression of a prison as much as a rustic and antique living environment. For that reason, using iron grills in this way can give your space a look and feel that is different from most other modern designs. More than that, iron grills don't inhibit the light coming into your space. 

The Charm of Iron Grills and Doors

They are thin enough that they still allow plenty of light to flow inside. There are also many different iron grills and doors you can choose from. Doors, of course, are quite solid and don't have as much decoration as grills. 

Grills, on the other hand, come in many shapes and forms that go beyond a simple cross-crossing of iron bars. Some iron grills even have decorative shapes on them such as a bundle of grapes or a vine of leaves. Some feature bars of iron that are twisted in a very elegant way. 

Some are very simple and only feature two thin bars of iron attached at the middle to form a cross. Because there are so many designs to choose from, you shouldn't have any trouble choosing an iron grill or door to fit the rest of your home or business's decor. 

Again, as with the other iron accents already discussed, iron grills and doors are quite sturdy. You won't be able to break through either of them once they're installed. In a way, iron grills can offer your windows an extra bit of security in addition to a lot of style

Speaking of installation, iron grills and doors are relatively easy to install as well. All you need are some sturdy nails or screws to support the weight of the grills and doors.

As long as you accomplish that, your iron grills and doors won't be going anywhere soon unless you plan on uninstalling them. 

How to Clean Iron Accents

The only downside about iron accents is that they require much more maintenance compared to other decorative materials. Preventing rust, in particular, is an important consideration. While iron accents are stylish, they won't be stylish or safe to have around if they start to rust. 

But where should you start when it comes to cleaning iron accents and preventing them from rusting? The first thing you should know is that you should keep your iron accents away from water as much as possible. Cleaning them with a bit of water on occasion will be fine as long as you dry them off afterward.

But in general, keeping your iron accents in a place where they can easily get wet such as outside is not a good idea. To clean your iron accents, you'll first need to remove whatever dirt and debris may be sitting on its surface. All you need is a brush or duster to accomplish this. 

Then, get a mix of soap and warm water along with a rag. Use this mixture to scrub the surface of the iron. If you find that the iron has some stubborn debris that won't move or dirt stuck in a crevice, get a small toothbrush, soak it in the soap mixture, and then clean the rest of the iron with the toothbrush. 

Doing this should get the majority of the dirt and grime off of your iron accents.

The Details

Once you can't see any more dirt on the iron, it is time to rinse it off. Use warm water for this as it is better for removing soap and any remaining debris from the metal. 

If any soap ends up remaining on the iron, it could give the iron a sticky sheen which, of course, is not attractive. After rinsing down the iron, make sure to dry the object completely. If any moisture remains on the iron, there is a good chance that the iron could start to rust. 

After wiping it down with a rag, leave the iron in a dry place where it can continue to air dry. If your iron accents have already started to rust, it is important to touch them up with some paint.

This will prevent the rust from getting any worse and it will make the iron look much better. 

What You Need to Know About Iron Accents

Iron accents are undoubtedly very stylish. They come in many different forms such as hooks, decorative nails, grills, and doors. If you want your home or other space to look more rustic and old-fashioned, adding some iron accents will do the trick. 

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