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The Portal to the Lost Art of Traditional Blacksmithing


Old West Iron is a small family owned business operated by Lisa and Jon Westerlund, and Keira Gneiting. Fulfilling our dreams we uprooted from North San Diego County to relocate our family business to a small parcel in Felt, Idaho just on the other side of the Teton Mountains from Jackson Hole, WY. Jon and I have been involved with iron for well over a decade, from large on-site structural iron erection to designing and manufacturing iron on large commercial projects such as, “The Grand Hotel & Spa at Del Mar” in Southern California. After enjoying the rush of living the fast-paced business life with a rapidly growing large company and numerous employees, we both decided to down-scale and focus more on unique hard-to-find hardware items that we could sell across the internet. After many years running a blacksmith shop, we recognized the need for the more simple rustic hardware to thoroughly complete an authentic look in projects. By fulfilling our customers needs for custom specialty hardware we created a portal to affordable hand-crafted iron products that bring yesterday's style into today's marketplace. Once my daughter moved to Idaho and reunited with our company, Keira and I took our authentic 17th Century wrought iron replications to a whole new level with our extensive research into the history and designs in iron. We went to considerable lengths to reproduce iron hardware to appear as it did hundreds of years ago. In 2015 we changed our name from Teton Iron to Old West Iron, trying to keep up with Google's latest rules we had to build a new google compliant website.



​​​​​​​Lisa Kinzie


Jon Westerlund


Keira Gneiting

5503 W 10500 N, Felt, ID 83424

844 205-7266