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1/2" Dia. Carriage Bolt - Smooth


We are proud to offer an exciting and high-quality collection of 1/2" dia. Smooth Carriage Bolts designed to meet all of your fastening needs. Our specialty fasteners feature a standard smooth head that helps provide a secure fit for all types of projects, giving you peace of mind throughout the installation process. We also are proud to offer a shoulder that sits underneath each bolt head, ensuring none rotate while you’re tightening with a nut – no more slips or glitches during fitting!
Generally speaking, our carriage bolts do not require a washer under their heads. However, we do recommend adding one beneath the nut as extra precautionary measure to ensure optimal performance.
We also take great pride in our various hand painted finishes ranging from black to oil-rubbed bronze and acid washed natural rust, creating a look that can be either rustic or modern depending on your project goals. Put simply, our 1/2" dia. Smooth Carriage Bolts represent the perfect upgrade when it comes to truly enhancing both the look and value of your home.The 1/2" carriage bolt has a 1 1/16" round head.

    • Head Shape: Round
    • Head Texture: Smooth
    • Head Diameter: 1"
    • Shank Diameter: 1/2"
    • Thread Pitch: 13
    • Thread Type: Course
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  • $1.54