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Black Hammered Rain Chain Aluminum Cups 8.5 ft Long

Black Powder Coated Aluminum Hammered Cup Rain Chain is a spectacular large cup rain chain. Each cup is individually hand hammered by skilled artisans with 15 cups linked together with 14 loop links to form a beautiful 8.5 ft rain chain. The rain chain transports rainwater efficiently down its entire length to the ground where it can be stored in a receptacle for reuse. Assembled & ready to install using the fixed triangular gutter hanger.
  • FUNCTIONAL DOWNSPOUT DESIGN: The rain chains for gutters have a standard length of 8.5 feet, inclusive of the 5-inch triangular hanger. The rain chains for outside effectively channels the flow of rainwater with the large cup size.
  • STYLISH APPEARANCE: Each cup of the rain chain downspout is individually hand hammered and efficiently captures most of the rainwater. As with all rain chains, some splashing can be expected. Modern matte black finish provides a simple, elegant, and contemporary look.
  • VERSATILE: The rain chain black is a beautiful assembly of 15 individually hand hammered cups. Each cup of the rain chains for gutters measures 3.5 inches in diameter (bottom of cup has 1-inch diameter) and 2.5 inches in height. Purchase an additional rainchain downspout substitution and extend to meet your desired length.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: The downspout alternative is handcrafted and assembled by skilled artisans to provide long-term durability and stability. Artistic and functional in design, the rain chain is made of high-quality aluminum and is rust resistant.
  • INCREASE CURB APPEAL: The rain chain is a beautiful smart green alternative to replacing traditional gutter downspouts. Complete the look by adding one of our gutter reducer kits, basins, or anchoring stakes.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Installation for the alternative downspout for gutter requires no tools and installation guide is included.

We buy these from a third party vender. 

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