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Beam Straps

Decorative and structural iron beam straps for all beam and post applications. U straps or beam straps are great for covering a seam or hanging a plant or light from a beam. These decorative metal straps for wood beams are a great way to add some rustic charm to a room. Iron brackets for beams, faux beams, and other masonry applications are installed with lag bolts or small decorative screws. Our structural metal brackets can also have decorative nail heads added to them to create the look of an old world rustic bolt without having to use the large diameter fasteners. These decorative metal brackets are available as three sided or four sided iron straps to wrap posts and beams. Our iron bracketsfor beams can also be used on colums and pillars for a fun rustic look try adding these 4-sided metal beam straps to stucco or brick pillars / columns. From old world wrought iron looking straps to the modern clean crisp black metal straps, our iron beam straps will elevate the look of any space. 

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