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Iron Rosettes

Iron rosettes, a quintessential element of refined architectural detail, offer an instant enhancement to various facets of home decor. Cast in sturdy iron and hand-forged in steel, our selection of ornamental iron rosettes brings timeless elegance and strength to any project. With sizes ranging from a petite 2 3/4" to a more statement-making 5 1/2", our collection is designed to cater to a multitude of design requirements. For those with specific visions, custom sizes can be commissioned by contacting our office directly. This category's price range, from $15.58 to $21.85, ensures that both affordability and quality go hand in hand, making these decorative gems accessible to a wider audience.

The collection proudly boasts a sumptuous array of designs, from the intricate patterns of floral and Neo-Classical in cast iron to the hand-forged steel's Spanish, Mediterranean, Barcelona, and Moorish motifs. Our Barcelona Iron Rosette, a perennial favorite, consistently tops the best-seller list with its sophisticated allure. Each rosette's sense of luxury is further accentuated by finish choices that evoke different atmospheres: Aged Gold for a touch of opulence, the understated beauty of raw or unfinished iron for rustic charm, or the timeless sophistication of Oil Rubbed Bronze for a classic approach.

Iron rosettes are more than mere ornaments; they are versatile pieces that can transform any space. Their robust character makes them ideal for embellishing doors, amplifying the grandeur of cabinets, or adding a historical resonance to plain walls. Even garage doors can benefit from the extraordinary flair these medallions provide. Whether you're looking to adapt the aesthetic of iron rosettes into a modern composition or maintain their historical authenticity, these well-crafted medallions stand as an homage to artistry and craftsmanship in every use. Cast Iron Rosettes, Rosette Clavos, and Iron Medallions in wrought variations enliven spaces with their ornate textures and designs, ensuring that our collection has the perfect match for your decorative aspirations.

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