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Standard Carriage Bolts

Smooth Carriage Bolts are the ideal fastening solution for any home improvement project. With its unique uniformity and precision, a high-quality Smooth Carriage Bolt offers reliable security with an attractive finish. Our bolts feature a standard smooth head and a shoulder under their heads to securely hold nuts in place and keep your projects looking great. These rustic bolts do not require a washer under the head, but we reccomend a washer under the nut. All of our carriage bolts come in hand-painted finishes ranging from black to oil rubbed bronze, acid washed natural rust, and many more styles to match all decor needs and tastes. Perfect for adding a hint of elegance or a more rustic feel, Smooth Carriage Bolts offer the perfect addition to any room in your home, helping you create a look that will give it value while adding sophistication at the same time.

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