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Distressed Flat Head Carriage Bolt

An old mission gate was brought to us for repair many years ago in California and had these amazing old flat head clavos decorating the gate. The heads of these clavos were pitted from age and had the neatest texture that we had to try to duplicate. After duplicating the clavos we decided to add the same concept to in order to create the same look in a structural application with out having to use the typical hardware store finishes, such as, galvanized or zinc. 

Distressed flat head carriage bolt is a flat headed fastener perfect for an area that you want minimal head projection. This carriage bolt features pitting consistant with an old rusted and refinished bolt as if it were repurposed from an 1800s building. These carraige bolts are designed to sit flush against the wood they are fastened to. 

Keep in mind the head of these bolts are tapered and the measurement is from the center of the head.

Only available in lengths from 3/4" to 3" long.

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