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Nativity Scene Shadow Caster

  • Handmade
  •   A nativity scene cut out of 14 gauge mild steel. 23" wide X 21.5" tall (29.5" tall with the stakes). Stakes are welded to the bottom to be able to push it into the ground. Made from durable materials to withstand tough weather and strong winds.

    This is an inexpensive way to add a bold holiday decoration to your home for many years to come. Due to it being flat it also takes up much less storage space than most other holiday decorations.

    Works best with an outdoor LED spotlight (not included) to cast a larger shadow on the side of your house or out building. I do not recommend using flood lights, or halogen lights.

    This light is recommended for a nice crisp shadow, and at an affordable price.

    Distances between the light and the sign, as well as between the sign and the object you are casting the shadow onto, will make the shadow appear at different sizes.

    Sand blasted and powder coated black or white for a durable finish that will handle the elements for many years.
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