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French Empire Iron Faux Hinge Strap


French Empire iron hinge strap was designed from the French Empire style, taking place during the second phase of Romanticism. The French Empire style was based on elements of the Ancient Roman Republic, and like the preceding Louis XVI and Directoire styles it employed straighter, simpler designs compared to that of the 18th century. It was a style of the people, not ostentatious, but sober and evenly balanced. The style was considered to have "liberated" and "enlightened" architecture, just as Napoleon "liberated" the people of Europe with his Napoleonic Code. This design movement flourished in the early 1800’s making Neo-classicism fashionable which influenced some of the most famous Empire-style structures in France. French Empire style then spread into much of Europe and the United States, influencing the Biedermeier style in Germany, Federal style in the United States, and the Regency style in Britain. This design is well suited for Colonial, French, Neo-Classical, Federal, Georgian, and Roman design styles.

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