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Shabby Chic Iron Angle Brace

Make your home stand out in the neighborhood with Shabby Chic iron angle brackets. Our stylish angle braces bring a unique and romantic feel to many applications, and can help you to upgrade the look and value of your home. Perfect for providing both structural support and decorative enhancement, these corner brackets can be used inside or outside of corners and are fully customizable regarding length, width, hole size, texture, and finish - allowing you to find the perfect fit for your desired project. Whether you're looking for metal post or beam supports, fireplace mantel supports or anything else that requires an optimal corner bracket solution, we have what you need to complete your design vision. Plus, our braces can be ordered with any hole size and can be paired with lags or bolts and nuts for an easily installed solution. With Shabby Chic iron angle braces on every corner of your home, it'll instantly stand out from the rest!
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