Inox Lilly Design 2-piece Satin Polished Cheese Knife/Spreader Set

INOX artisans draws its grace, sophistication and grandeur from contrast. The soft demarcation and delineation of the mirror polished head parts set off against felt and satin polished handles articulating outlines of these contrasts where a elegant harmony is hand forged and created. on top of finish Lilly design boasting its beauty from flower LILIUM which is a native of northern hemisphere is one of very few top selling designs complementing its boasting its segregated looks. These cheese knife and spreader 2-piece set featuring the same quality construction and signature slim, ergonomic handles. Boxed set includes a spreader and pronged cheese knife with stainless-steel blades.

  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Passed by International reputed labs for various food safe standards.
  • Perfectly balanced and handcrafted for performance.
  • Avoid lemon scented or corrosive detergents.
  • Handmade and forged with high grade stainless steel.
  • Ornamentation and design pattern is precisely rendered with depth and clarity on both sides.
  • Curved cheese spreader with a wide blade.
  • A serving fork pointed blade for hard cheeses.
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