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Hammerd Copper Sheet - Strap - Anvil Form Slab

  • Handmade
  • Materials: Metal type: Copper
  • undefined undefined Anvil Worked, Custom Strap Hammered Copper.
    Sold by the foot. This copper is custom made to order by length and width to your specifications and needs. 90.00 per foot any width.
    Just order the length you want in the quantity section. 1 is one foot, 2 would be 2 feet 3 is three feet and so on....
    Widths available all priced the same.
    1 1/8 inch
    1 1/2 inch
    2 inch
    Using only salvaged Fresh Water copper supply lines from the world famous Hotel Broadwater, these pipes are heated in our custom pipe kiln and made soft and workable. The pipe is laid to the anvil and in a series of steps using 3 equally old and well worn peen hammers, the copper is shaped against the anvil into flat, rigid, useable strap. The strap can be ordered in lengths between 12 inches and 10 feet. Smaller orders of strap will be considered as well. Whatever length you require for your project.

    The face of the strap is beautifully textured in a classic hammered pattern as the back is left with a equally stunning Anvil Faced pattern.
    Anvil Faced Copper is an exciting fluid pattern form. One side showing the classic hammer strikes and the other the history of the anvil used to create it. Every imperfection is laid out on the reverse side of the hammer strikes telling the story of every project built before it. The example of this is seen in the last photo of the series.

    After the final strike the Copper remains in its raw state most of the time and left to tarnish and age with the overall project. This can be seen on the top strap of the first photo.
    However an early aged patina is sometimes added to the strap by torching and polishing down the face. This gives more dimension to the hammer strikes and is a long lasting durable patina, simply clean with soap and water. This finish can be seen on the center strap on the first photo.
    Polished copper can be hand finished to around 2000 grit and then coated with a sealer to keep its brilliant shine. This finish can be seen on the bottom strap of the first photo.

    The Custom Copper Strap can be ordered in widths
    1 1/8 inch
    1 1/2 inch
    2 inch
    We are limited to the antique stock on hand for widths. The finished copper is approximately 1/16 thick overall or about the thickness of a Nickel. Extremely durable and heavy pieces they can be left flat or bent, arched or twisted into any form you need for your project. This copper though hard after hammered can be re-torched and annealed to further work the piece.

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